Aspiring Entrepreneurs​

I can help you find your success as an Aspiring Entrepreneur.

If you have the drive and confidence to be a business owner and would like to learn more about how to acquire one, I encourage you to take the next step.  Through a series of conversations, I can educate you about the search and acquisition process, be a sounding board as you discern your entrepreneurial goals and ambitions, and help get you on your way should you decide to go down this path.

Here's how we can work together:

Educate: What is ETA?

Let’s talk about what the process is really like.

>> 30-minute discussion with takeaway assignment related to understanding your personal goals.

Discover: About You

Let’s explore if ETA is right for you.

>> 30-minute in depth discussion about your personal aspirations relating to Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition.

Mentor: Hands On

Let’s move forward down the path together.

>> Bi-weekly calls designed for professionals who have decided to move through the process.

Why Me?

I have nearly thirty years of experience buying and growing small to mid-sized businesses.  I’ve learned a lot that can help you avoid pitfalls that often plague first-time buyers.  Here are a few areas where I can be of service:

  • Helping you decide whether ETA is right for you
  • Discerning what types of businesses would be great fits for your interests and aptitude 
  • Planning and conducting a search to identify the right company to acquire
  • Evaluating the business and the growth opportunities
  • Developing the business plan and financial model
  • Structuring a reasonable deal, presenting to investors, and making the offer
  • Conducting due diligence on a target company
  • Transitioning leadership of the business post-closing

In addition to having valuable knowledge and experience, I have defined my role as a Mentor, which means my sole motive is to help you.  Along this journey, you may be working with investors, lenders, brokers, sellers, etc., all of whom may have financial motives that are not entirely aligned with yours.  I’ll be here to help you, when you need it.