Personal War Story: When the Due Diligence Checklist Failed

If you are looking for an acquisition due diligence checklist, you can simply type “Sample Acquisition Due Diligence Checklist” into your web browser and you will find plenty of options to choose from. Chances are you will find a checklist that is adequately fit for purpose.  But take my advice as the voice of experience:  […]

5 Questions to Ask to Find Out if ETA is Right for You

Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition is not for everyone.  But for those where the shoe fits, it can be a rewarding and prosperous journey.  Is ETA right for you? I am a strong believer that we all are most successful when we’ve taken the time to assess our values and strengths and align them with our aspirations. […]

Go It Alone or With a Partner?<br>It Depends.

Is it better to go it alone or with a partner?  It’s a question nearly all first-time entrepreneurs struggle with.  Unfortunately, there is no one right answer, just the proverbial response:  It depends.  I’ve personally found my greatest success with a partner at my side.  But that doesn’t mean having a partner is the best […]

A New Blog & A New Purpose

Just as a business begins with an idea, and an entrepreneur is born from an indominable passion, a blog begins with a single post.  And so here I go, taking my passion for entrepreneurship and a calling to serve into this world of blogging. But today is about much more than launching my blog.  It’s […]